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Open source urban monitoring.

Harnessing the power of the Raspberry Pi to measure the micro-climates that surround us, gaining a better understanding of the effects they have on our towns, villages alike but most importantly the effect they have on us.

Network data

Live and archived data from all stations across all networks.

Build your own.

Like the look of the project and wish to re-create it for your own town and village? Look no further we have an easy to follow and in-depth tutorial.

Source code

From the python script that measures the sensors to the very html of this website, all code is open source and freely available.

Get involved.

A citizen science project of this size is heavily dependent on volunteers to make this a success.

People like you can help in various ways. We need people to host monitoring systems, website maintenance, social media interaction and software development to say the least. Help does not have to come from an individual. Schools, groups, clubs and businesses can join in too.
So if you want to be part of this exciting project by hosting a station, providing expertise or would like to sponsor this project then get in touch


Campbell Scientific have been providing measurement solutions to help save the world since 1974. During that time our solutions have delivered the information that helped mitigate the loss of life caused by severe weather globally; helped scientists gather data to assist in the understanding of climate change and other man-made environmental impacts and supported countless organisations, institutions and national agencies provide more efficient and effective meteorological and hydrological services to their people.

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